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Just a rant...

Okay, so I work in the electronics department at Wal*Mart (not the greatest job in the world, but I do normally enjoy being there...). Anyway, today I am the most senior associate during the day. The other 2 are Jon (been there since Christmas) and Luke (been there for almost a month). Inventory is in 4 days so I spend most of my day out back getting things ready with my assistant manager. It comes time for Jon to go to lunch (around 1:30). I am still out back so Luke is on the floor by himself. He comes back a few times to ask me a couple questions and to get a TV. Things start to get a little busy and there's something he doesn't know how to do. I start to explain to him how to do it and he snaps at me saying something to the effect of "I have 4 customers right now, so you go do it." I go back on the floor, where it really isn't busy, and do the thing he didn't know how to do. I take a quick run around the department, see that there's only like 2 or 3 other people in there, none needing help at the moment, so I ask Luke if it's okay for me to go back out back. He says, again something to the effect of "I guess it's going to have to be ok." I look at him for a second, he seems to be okay and handling things, so I head back out back saying that if he needs me to page for me. I continue inventory prepping a pallet and head to the second one. Luke comes out back to grab a pallet of Lexmark things to go on the floor. He makes the comment that it's busy out there. First of all, if it's busy, why the hell is he out back getting the pallet if he's the only one on the floor?? Second of all, I tell him that I said to page me if it got too busy for him. He snaps at me again saying "Why didn't you just stay out there and help me?!" and then leaves with the pallet. I look at my assistant manager, who is looking at me, and you can tell that she's thinking the same thing that I was - he told me I could come back out back...he said it was okay...he never paged for me to come help him!! Am I supposed to be psych and just know that he's not capable of being on the floor by himself?? The second week I worked there I was left on the floor by myself *many* times while Scott and Sam were out back doing things... Even with a lot of people in the department, people generally understand that you are the only one and actually even nicer than normal when they do realize that.

When I finally do go back out on the floor (it's now about 2:55 and I'm scheduled to leave at 3) it's just Jon out there. He looks at me and can tell that I'm upset and tired. I ask him if Luke is totally pissed off at me. He says that he is. I feel bad that he's upset with me, but without telling me that he needed help, how was I supposed to know? I give Jon a little list of things that can be done tonight and then leave to clock out. I get out to my car and crank my radio (which of course has DMB in it *hehe*) and start to head home. I'm just starting to feel a little better with Dave playing in the background when some asshole comes barreling out of Home Depot without even looking. I have to slam on my brakes and come inches from actually hitting his truck. This of course gets me all upset again. I try to just concentrate on Dave for the rest of the 2 minute ride home. It didn't work. I get home and completely break down. I mean I haven't cried like that for a long time...

And to think that the day started out so wonderful *sigh*
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♥ what a jerk!? i'll send him straight to luna land... and believe me there are some rank dungeons down in the south end - i'll make him pay for making you sad. *GRR!*
good - he deserves those dungeons right now *hehe*

Thanks! You definitely cheered me up ♥
next time you see him - just remember... his dreams are filled with brutal beatings and disgusting green slime. (for you mere non-luna's, you can only get to luna land through dreams but believe me! it's NO fun. unless of course you're an honored guest in which case you get your very own magic wand and cupcakes.)