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Well here it is - my first post from my new apartment =D

Things are going pretty smoothly so far. The whole place is pretty much unpacked...but the poor little dining room has become the catch all place for the moment as our dining room table is currently our tv stand *lol*

Dill is liking it so far too *hehe* He has pretty much his own little room off of the bedroom (which seems too close when he becomes active at like 5am) I've let him out a few times and it's really cute to watch him sniff around and be really curious about everything. He's completely mesmorized by the cars driving by too - he perks right up and stands on his hind legs to get a better look.

The only thing left to get over here is Ian's dresser and his fish tank. I think when the fish get over here then I'll finally get the motivation to pick up the dining room, since that is where the tank is going. It'll be nice to have a dresser next to the bed as a night stand instead of the boxes of Ian's clothes that are currently serving that purpose *hehe*

I promise to post some pictures of the place soon so those of you who can't make it to visit can still see what a cute little place it is =)

Well I guess I should get back to my anatomy considering I do have a lab practical in 2.5 hours...
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