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Just a quick, short little update. Had my first exams this past week - 97% on anatomy and not sure on the MLT one yet... Got a 90% on my anatomy lab practical too... I'm wondering if I'm really this good at anatomy or if it's because I'm taking it at a state university (which let me tell you, really isn't challenging me at all - in anything - so far...) We'll go with I'm just that good for now - makes me feel smarter *wink*

Heading down to see my lil' sister at school tomorrow =) She's the stage manager (or something of that sort) for The Vagina Monologues that her school is putting on this weekend. It's gonna be me, Mom, Linda, and Jill...not that I think we'll really see that much of Jill or Steph for most of the time we're there *hehe* I'd love to talk the moms into going into NYC...probably won't happen though, especially since it is a few hours away (although it is a pretty straight shot on I87) It'll just be nice to get away from Oakland for a few days!

Apartment hunting really isn't going all that well... I'm having a lot of issues actually getting in touch with people, and so far those that I have gotten in touch with don't allow pets - and I am so not going to give up Dill unless I absolutely have to!! Hopefully Ian will have more like this weekend...

Just found this on Luna's LJ from a little while ago --> It's fun to see what others think *hehe*

Anyway, back to packing... Should probably get to Mom's pretty soon...
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