firedancer05 (firedancer05) wrote,

So since I got a friendly little nudge from Luna I decided maybe it really was time to update *wink* Has it really been since like August since I wrote on here??

Well, last semester went very well - 4.0 *beams* Not that my classes were hard or anything...

This semester is going to be interesting...I have to take A&P and let me tell you my teacher is hard core and keeps scaring the crap out of me. She keeps saying that she was an A student when she took it and nearly failed without the help of tutor and study partner. I can't go see a tutor because when she's there I'm in class. And I have never done well studying with another person and I really don't think this is the class to start experimenting with that again... I need at least a C - keep your fingers crossed for me!

My dad is basically kicking me and Ian out. He's all of a sudden become Mr. Religious and can't have a sexual relationship out of wedlock staying at his house. Never mind the fact that we pay rent are both consenting adults! Not too happy with him right now. The only good thing that comes out it all is that Ian and I finally get to get an apartment =D We are still looking (we need to find one that allows small pets since I have the rabbit now...) but we hope to be out of here by the end of next month.

Things are just so completely perfect between the 2 of us now! Getting an apartment, I get a really pretty promise ring... Things just don't seem like they could be any better than they are right now =D

Work just totally sucks though... I want to be out of Wal*Mart so badly!! I am seriously counting the days until I'll be working in a hospital - and it's not going by fast enough!

There really isn't much else going on... I work, I go to class, and I spend tons of time with my man... But other than my job right now, there really isn't anything that I would change - well except for this layout... Any thoughts Luna??
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