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Just some randomness...

How You Life Your Life

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.

You tend to avoid confrontation and stay away from sticky situations.

You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.

You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

I've felt like total crap ever since bringing Steph to school earlier this week. I really don't want to go to work tonight feeling like this...and I totally wouldn't if I weren't the only closer tonight *sigh* I hate closing sooooo much! What happened to Scott fighting for me to get day shifts? It really doesn't make much sense for me to be getting all these late shifts when Mike would much rather work at night than during the day... I just hope I don't keep getting all these closing shifts as soon as school really starts.

My medical lab tech class starts this coming Tuesday - a whole week before UMA actually starts classes. I have to take it at UMF too... Not too happy about all that, but I've been reassured that almost half of the incoming class for the MLT program drops out by the second semester so I should be able to be on the Augusta campus come next semester. I can also hope that a couple of people drop during this semester. I'm not too sure about this ITV thing either...especially not being at the site where it originates from. *sigh* We'll see how it goes...

Things with Ian are going well =) He comes over here almost every night and when we do see each other we always spend the night together. I am soooo happy with how things are going. I almost got upset last night though because he was playing on the computer like all night, but then I realized that he could be at home playing on his computer, but no, he was here =) And that made me completely happy... I just hope that things can keep progressing becuase I truly want to be with him more than anything...despite all the crap that we've been through. But that's just it - we've been through it all and I just hope that we can continue to keep getting through things together. I do love him more than anything ♥

Well, I guess I should go nap for a couple of hours in hopes of feeling better by the time I need to get ready for work *sigh*
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