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It's been a while...

An advanced warning - this could potentially be a very long entry...

Decided to change the colors a bit... Now that it's a little brighter it feels happier somehow... And we all know I could really use some happiness right now *sigh*

Just got back from a doctor's appointment in Scarborough. My A1c (average blood sugar) is up a little since last time, but Dr. Devlin was still happy with all the progress I've made =) And there's going to be no more going to Scarborough to see him - finally! He comes to a clinic in Augusta once a month, so I can go to Augusta instead of traveling an hour and a half or so... Very exciting (can you tell that I lead a pretty boring life right now since that excites me *hehe*)

I got a really bad sunburn on my left arm while driving to and from the appointment though. The a/c doesn't work in my car real well so I always drive with my window open in the summer. About half way down I realized that I probably should have put some sunblock on. So now I have a really bad burn on just my left arm. And it really hurts - even with aloe on it... I was thinking I should go at least tan just my right arm so I don't have this really weird tan all summer *hehe*

Work is going pretty well... I really do like working in the electronics department =) Everyone has been really nice so far, even Steve - who I really didn't like at first. Mike is about the only one that I really don't like working with though... He's way too quiet for me and he's a little...odd... Management is successfully screwing the department over though. They moved Sam up front to be a cashier, so she's probably going to quit if everything didn't get fixed in that meeting yesterday. And Dana, who doesn't need the money from the job just the insurance, is being hasseled about his scedule. He works Mon-Fri and there has never been a problem before, but now that Todd is the one over our department somehow nothing works anymore... I'm really gonna miss working with Sam and what they're doing to Dana is just crazy!!

I'm gonna be on the closing shift in a couple of weeks... Not too excited about that =/ I'd much rather work a morning shift... Maybe with Sam going up front things will get moved around enough that I will be able to pick up like the 10-7 shift... We'll see...

My grandmother has been in the hospital. She had a really bad case of pneumonia. They drained over a liter of fluid from her right lung Monday! She's much better now though and is finally out of the critical care unit. They were saying that she was going to have to switch hospitals so she could go through rehab stuff, but they think she's strong enough to go right home now =) My unlce Jim is coming up to help take care of her since Mom and Linda are going camping and then to Ellsworth in the coming weeks... I'm just really happy that she's getting better! I wasn't ready to lose another grandparent yet... Especially not after losing my pseudo grandfather in May (Ian's grandfather).

Things with Ian are...well, at a standstill of sorts. We went to the fireworks in Belgrade Lakes together on the 4th and he came over here last Friday night... Those two nights were a lot of fun. In a lot of ways it was like we weren't really broken up (or whatever it is that we are). I sat on his lap at the fireworks and we had a tickle fight when he was over here... There's definitely still something there...and not just on my part... We just haven't really talked all that much... He rarely returns phone calls - not that he ever did =P It's hard to give him space, but it's getting easier. I'm finally starting to sleep better at night and the crying fits happen much less now. I miss him soooo much though! Guess I'll just have to wait and see where it all goes...

The only issue I really have is that I really don't know how to be single anymore! It's been sooooooo long since I haven't been with someone... That's what is really making this so hard I think. Which also makes me wonder still if I really miss Ian or if I miss the thought of a boyfriend... The times we have gotten together or talked make me feel like it really is him I miss... This whole thing is just so confusing *sigh*

Went to NH to see Kaki a few weekends ago. Man do I miss her!! She got tickets to a Switchfoot concert as a birthday present to me =D It was sooooo nice to go down and visit, but to see Switchfoot just made it even better!! I've got to get down there again when I can spend more than just a day and half... Have to have her up here sometime too =) We need to get together so we can venture to Bar Harbor to see Luna too *wink*

I've officially been accepted into the medical laboratory technology program at UMA =) Now all I'm waiting for is my financial aid packet...not that I expect to get any with all my stuff getting done so late... Oh well, what's more student loans on top of $25,000 already??

18 more days until DMB in NYC!! =D I'm soooooo excited! Manda and I are gonna get up early the day of the concert and go run around the city for a while since she's never been there =) I can't wait!! The trips to see DMB are always an amazing time =D Especially with my best bud at my side *wink*

Well that's enough for now... I'll be surprised if anyone reads this whole entry anyway =P
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