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I couldn't go to bed without saying... [Sunday, August 20th, 2006
@ 1:07am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

That Guster is absolutely *AMAZING* live!

That is all *hehe*

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Pictures of my kitties, as promised =D [Friday, August 11th, 2006
@ 4:44pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]


Olivia - or as I call her, Livies

A tired Claire...
Claire sleeping

And a tired Livies
Livies sleeping

I still can't really believe how much they've grown in the little time we've had them!!

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It really is kinda scary how accurate these things are... [Thursday, August 10th, 2006
@ 8:26pm]
[ mood | drained ]

ColorQuiz.com I took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Wants to make a favorable impression and be reward..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Been doing a whole lot of nothing other than work lately... It is nice to finally have a member of management over us that understands that we all want to work a certain schedule - so I finally have one I like!

The kitties are getting really big!! I'll have to take some new pictures and get them on here...
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[Monday, July 10th, 2006
@ 9:55am]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow! It's been forever since I've been on here!

Just got back from Boston =D Went down there to see DMB in Fenway (my 2nd concert of the summer!!) The show was absolutely amazing - the best I've been to - and Boston is just a great city. We had so much fun. Spent all of Sunday in the vacinity of the New England Aquarium (where I spent most of my time staring at the adorable seals *wink*) I spent so much in the gift shop too *hehe*

For those of you who care, which I'm not even sure any of you do, here are the setlists to the DMB shows =D

Best of What’s Around
Say Goodbye
Don’t Drink the Water
Hunger For The Great Light
Joy Ride *My favorite that got cut from their latest album - hoping in returns on the one that's coming out next year...
Dancing Nancies
Dreaming Tree *One of my all time favorites! Such an amazing song live =D
Break Free *Their best new song in my opinion
Cant Stop
Crush *My favorite DMB song EVER! This made 3 concerts in a row hearing it live =D
Shotgun [Intro]
Louisiana Bayou

Ants Marching *He actually stopped singing so we could sing along!!

One Sweet World *Missed this one =( Our train was late getting into North Station, so we were late for the concert - I was NOT impressed!
What Would You Say *Listened to this one as we were walking to our gate...
Don’t Drink the Water
Say Goodbye
Grace Is Gone
American Baby *First time hearing this one live - amazing!!
Break Free *I got to hear it again! It was so cool having already heard some new stuff in Hershey to actually be able to sing along with them in Boston =D
Sweet Caroline *Neil Diamond cover... Aparently they play this during the 8th inning at all home Red Sox games so the crowd was totally into it - including me *hehe*
So Much To Say
Too Much *I got to hear Dave swear again *hehe*
Cant Stop *This song certainly evolved since Hershey! He's basically been writing it in front of fans this summer at concerts...
Crush *And again!! 4 concerts in a row =D
What You Are
Dancing Nancies
Pantala Naga Pampa
Rapunzel *How completey amazing were these last 2 songs?! Another first time hearing them - and Manda and I had been talking about how much we wanted to hear them live earlier that day!

American Baby Intro
Two Step *Such an amazing way to end the show!!

Ian and I adopted 2 kittens this past week! Their names are Claire and Olivia =) They were rescued from a feral colony and have had all their shots and are in perfect health =D They love to play and pick on each other. It really is nice to have some more animals around, even in this small apartment... It's also nice to have another major commitment with Ian - we truly are continuing to move forward in this relationship...and I've never been happier! Ian's going to hate me for posting this pic, but it's the cutest thing ever:

So far they've been getting along with the bunny, but they really haven't socialized all that much... They're all napping the Dill's room right now - it's really cute!

Classes are finally over and I'm getting full time hours at work. Got interviewed for a phlebotomist position the other day, but won't be able to do it since they need me on weekends, and I really don't think Scott would like me not being there on weekends. And that's fine since it's not plebotomy that I really want to do... I'm going to do some job shadowing though, so I'll still get to practice my phlebotomy skills a little before clinicals next spring =)

Well, I'm getting hungry so I'm gonna go make some lunch...
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[Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
@ 5:19pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

In about 24 hours I will be sitting in Hersheypark Stadium waiting for OAR and DMB to start playing =D And I think this will be the first concert that I'll be going to where it will be raining - 90% chance of precipitation tomorrow night in Hershey... I just hope the storms stay away long enough for the show...

And I get to see Ricky from LVC too! He's the guy I definitely had a thing with while I was going there... It'll be really nice to see him again =) Too bad his seats are like on the absolute other side of the stadium...

Classes are done with next week! Thank God!! I am so completely burned out! I can't wait to have some actual days off since right now if I have a day off from work I still have class to go to. I've practically forgotten what it feels like to sleep in *hehe*

Well, I've still got some laundry to finish so I actually have some clothes to take to Hershey with me *lol* I'll have a longer update when I get back!

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[Thursday, June 8th, 2006
@ 8:01pm]
[ mood | loved ]


Went out to dinner tonight too...And we're going to see the new Disney/Pixar movie Cars tomorrow =) Going to Margaritas for dinner on Sunday with Dad and Steph too - I just get my birthday to last all weekend!

Thnigs are going pretty well. Work is work...nothing to exciting to report there. I scanned 10 shopping carts full of movies out the other night - 5 hours of work! At least I wasn't on the floor dealing with customers *wink* And Scott let me switch my shift from 12-9 to 6-3 tomorrow since it's my birthday. I really do love my department manager =D

Classes are going =/ I know more than my clinical chemistry teacher does and phlebotomy is just really boring. Thank God it will all be over on June 30 =)

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to watch Underworld: Evolution with the love of my life =D

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[Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
@ 9:55pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ian went searching the apartment for my camera's cable tonight - and found it! So now I have all the pictures that I took of the apartment about a month ago =)

First for the cutest bunny ever!
title or description

The rest are behind here =)Collapse )

Finals start Thursday and I haven't even started studying... Hopefully I'll be able to pull off A's on both of them - I really want to end this MLT program with a 4.0

Work is a mess... They're moving the whole department around again. Hopefully it will be all done and over with when I go back to work on Thursday...I'm really sick of working out of boxes in the back room...

Well, it's almost 10pm and I'm completely exhausted so I guess I'm heading to bed =P

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Just a rant... [Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
@ 3:28pm]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

Okay, so I work in the electronics department at Wal*Mart (not the greatest job in the world, but I do normally enjoy being there...). Anyway, today I am the most senior associate during the day. The other 2 are Jon (been there since Christmas) and Luke (been there for almost a month). Inventory is in 4 days so I spend most of my day out back getting things ready with my assistant manager. It comes time for Jon to go to lunch (around 1:30). I am still out back so Luke is on the floor by himself. He comes back a few times to ask me a couple questions and to get a TV. Things start to get a little busy and there's something he doesn't know how to do. I start to explain to him how to do it and he snaps at me saying something to the effect of "I have 4 customers right now, so you go do it." I go back on the floor, where it really isn't busy, and do the thing he didn't know how to do. I take a quick run around the department, see that there's only like 2 or 3 other people in there, none needing help at the moment, so I ask Luke if it's okay for me to go back out back. He says, again something to the effect of "I guess it's going to have to be ok." I look at him for a second, he seems to be okay and handling things, so I head back out back saying that if he needs me to page for me. I continue inventory prepping a pallet and head to the second one. Luke comes out back to grab a pallet of Lexmark things to go on the floor. He makes the comment that it's busy out there. First of all, if it's busy, why the hell is he out back getting the pallet if he's the only one on the floor?? Second of all, I tell him that I said to page me if it got too busy for him. He snaps at me again saying "Why didn't you just stay out there and help me?!" and then leaves with the pallet. I look at my assistant manager, who is looking at me, and you can tell that she's thinking the same thing that I was - he told me I could come back out back...he said it was okay...he never paged for me to come help him!! Am I supposed to be psych and just know that he's not capable of being on the floor by himself?? The second week I worked there I was left on the floor by myself *many* times while Scott and Sam were out back doing things... Even with a lot of people in the department, people generally understand that you are the only one and actually even nicer than normal when they do realize that.

When I finally do go back out on the floor (it's now about 2:55 and I'm scheduled to leave at 3) it's just Jon out there. He looks at me and can tell that I'm upset and tired. I ask him if Luke is totally pissed off at me. He says that he is. I feel bad that he's upset with me, but without telling me that he needed help, how was I supposed to know? I give Jon a little list of things that can be done tonight and then leave to clock out. I get out to my car and crank my radio (which of course has DMB in it *hehe*) and start to head home. I'm just starting to feel a little better with Dave playing in the background when some asshole comes barreling out of Home Depot without even looking. I have to slam on my brakes and come inches from actually hitting his truck. This of course gets me all upset again. I try to just concentrate on Dave for the rest of the 2 minute ride home. It didn't work. I get home and completely break down. I mean I haven't cried like that for a long time...

And to think that the day started out so wonderful *sigh*

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[Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
@ 5:12pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Well, I have all these pretty pictures of my place on my camera and no USB cable to get them onto my computer. I just bought one, but it had the wrong end... So I guess everyone will just have to wait until I can find the cable that came with the camera =P

I think Ian is going to kill me if I ever complain about not being ready for an exam again. The past 3 times I did it, I got A's on all of them *hehe* I think complaining about not being ready is my weird way of dealing with my major pre-test anxiety.

They are messing with my schedule wicked bad at work right now. We had 2 associates leave the department (Sam went to MA, and Mike left because Wal*Mart decided to carry the day after pill) so one of the co-managers had a major freak out moment and gave a lot of people secondary job codes for electronics. And all these people who don't really work in the department are now getting the hours I was promised when Sam left. I am not happy to say the least. If this continues I am definitely going to get a new job. I don't even understand why Todd thought we needed more people to help in the department - we have 7 and now 8 with the girl they hired yesterday...

My car is finally dieing I think. The right front brake or rotor (I'm not really sure which one) is in really bad shape. I know I need to take it in and have it looked at, but I am so broke that I can't really afford it. And I'm kinda embarrassed to bring it to Ian's dad...not really sure why, but I am. Maybe when I get my federal return I'll bring it in...even though that money really needs to go to school. Man I hate being this broke...and not really wanting to admit to the parents that I need a little help right now *sigh*

Well I really need to get to studying my anatomy since I have an exam on Friday and haven't even looked at the notes since I recopied them this weekend...

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Yay for quizzes =D [Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
@ 4:51pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Just following Luna's lead ;)Collapse )

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[Monday, March 13th, 2006
@ 10:28am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Well here it is - my first post from my new apartment =D

Things are going pretty smoothly so far. The whole place is pretty much unpacked...but the poor little dining room has become the catch all place for the moment as our dining room table is currently our tv stand *lol*

Dill is liking it so far too *hehe* He has pretty much his own little room off of the bedroom (which seems too close when he becomes active at like 5am) I've let him out a few times and it's really cute to watch him sniff around and be really curious about everything. He's completely mesmorized by the cars driving by too - he perks right up and stands on his hind legs to get a better look.

The only thing left to get over here is Ian's dresser and his fish tank. I think when the fish get over here then I'll finally get the motivation to pick up the dining room, since that is where the tank is going. It'll be nice to have a dresser next to the bed as a night stand instead of the boxes of Ian's clothes that are currently serving that purpose *hehe*

I promise to post some pictures of the place soon so those of you who can't make it to visit can still see what a cute little place it is =)

Well I guess I should get back to my anatomy considering I do have a lab practical in 2.5 hours...

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[Monday, February 20th, 2006
@ 12:01pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Well, here's a quick little update coming from NY =) Down here visiting Steph at her school - Hartwick. It's been pretty fun so far. It's me, Mom, Linda, and Steph's girlfriend Jill.

The play was excellent! I've never seen The Vagina Monologues and let me tell you it was an experience. All the girls in it were just amazing. You could really tell that Steph was very proud to be a part of it all =)

We went to Cooperstown yesterday. That is the town that has the baseball hall of fame. While we didn't go into the hall of fame or any other museum, Mom did get me the coolest sign EVER! It's a real street sign...which says: Yankee Fans Parking Only...Red Sox Fans Go Home I love it! It is so going up in the apartment when we finally get one *hehe*

I miss Ian a lot more that I thought I would. Falling asleep without him next to me has been practically impossible the past 2 nights... And when I called today he didn't sound happy to hear from me at all... I know he was at Mary and Donny's with a lot of the family, but I really thought he would miss me too *sigh* I really do need to remember that he doesn't show his emotion as freely as me - especially in front of others... I know he misses me too...I guess I just needed to vent *wink* But it really does suck being the fifth whell *sigh*

Well since I am sitting at the computer in the hotel lobby, I probably shouldn't hog it anymore...

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[Friday, February 17th, 2006
@ 2:53pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Just a quick, short little update. Had my first exams this past week - 97% on anatomy and not sure on the MLT one yet... Got a 90% on my anatomy lab practical too... I'm wondering if I'm really this good at anatomy or if it's because I'm taking it at a state university (which let me tell you, really isn't challenging me at all - in anything - so far...) We'll go with I'm just that good for now - makes me feel smarter *wink*

Heading down to see my lil' sister at school tomorrow =) She's the stage manager (or something of that sort) for The Vagina Monologues that her school is putting on this weekend. It's gonna be me, Mom, Linda, and Jill...not that I think we'll really see that much of Jill or Steph for most of the time we're there *hehe* I'd love to talk the moms into going into NYC...probably won't happen though, especially since it is a few hours away (although it is a pretty straight shot on I87) It'll just be nice to get away from Oakland for a few days!

Apartment hunting really isn't going all that well... I'm having a lot of issues actually getting in touch with people, and so far those that I have gotten in touch with don't allow pets - and I am so not going to give up Dill unless I absolutely have to!! Hopefully Ian will have more like this weekend...

Just found this on Luna's LJ from a little while ago --> It's fun to see what others think *hehe*

Anyway, back to packing... Should probably get to Mom's pretty soon...

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[Monday, January 30th, 2006
@ 5:26pm]
So since I got a friendly little nudge from Luna I decided maybe it really was time to update *wink* Has it really been since like August since I wrote on here??

Well, last semester went very well - 4.0 *beams* Not that my classes were hard or anything...

This semester is going to be interesting...I have to take A&P and let me tell you my teacher is hard core and keeps scaring the crap out of me. She keeps saying that she was an A student when she took it and nearly failed without the help of tutor and study partner. I can't go see a tutor because when she's there I'm in class. And I have never done well studying with another person and I really don't think this is the class to start experimenting with that again... I need at least a C - keep your fingers crossed for me!

My dad is basically kicking me and Ian out. He's all of a sudden become Mr. Religious and can't have a sexual relationship out of wedlock staying at his house. Never mind the fact that we pay rent are both consenting adults! Not too happy with him right now. The only good thing that comes out it all is that Ian and I finally get to get an apartment =D We are still looking (we need to find one that allows small pets since I have the rabbit now...) but we hope to be out of here by the end of next month.

Things are just so completely perfect between the 2 of us now! Getting an apartment, I get a really pretty promise ring... Things just don't seem like they could be any better than they are right now =D

Work just totally sucks though... I want to be out of Wal*Mart so badly!! I am seriously counting the days until I'll be working in a hospital - and it's not going by fast enough!

There really isn't much else going on... I work, I go to class, and I spend tons of time with my man... But other than my job right now, there really isn't anything that I would change - well except for this layout... Any thoughts Luna??
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Just some randomness... [Friday, August 26th, 2005
@ 11:02am]
[ mood | I hate feeling this crappy... ]

How You Life Your Life

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.

You tend to avoid confrontation and stay away from sticky situations.

You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.

You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

I've felt like total crap ever since bringing Steph to school earlier this week. I really don't want to go to work tonight feeling like this...and I totally wouldn't if I weren't the only closer tonight *sigh* I hate closing sooooo much! What happened to Scott fighting for me to get day shifts? It really doesn't make much sense for me to be getting all these late shifts when Mike would much rather work at night than during the day... I just hope I don't keep getting all these closing shifts as soon as school really starts.

My medical lab tech class starts this coming Tuesday - a whole week before UMA actually starts classes. I have to take it at UMF too... Not too happy about all that, but I've been reassured that almost half of the incoming class for the MLT program drops out by the second semester so I should be able to be on the Augusta campus come next semester. I can also hope that a couple of people drop during this semester. I'm not too sure about this ITV thing either...especially not being at the site where it originates from. *sigh* We'll see how it goes...

Things with Ian are going well =) He comes over here almost every night and when we do see each other we always spend the night together. I am soooo happy with how things are going. I almost got upset last night though because he was playing on the computer like all night, but then I realized that he could be at home playing on his computer, but no, he was here =) And that made me completely happy... I just hope that things can keep progressing becuase I truly want to be with him more than anything...despite all the crap that we've been through. But that's just it - we've been through it all and I just hope that we can continue to keep getting through things together. I do love him more than anything ♥

Well, I guess I should go nap for a couple of hours in hopes of feeling better by the time I need to get ready for work *sigh*
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[Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
@ 3:56pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Another change =)

I'm really missing all my UNE and LVC buds today... Especially with the school year starting soon... I can guarantee I'll be down to UNE quite a bit to visit everyone there! I just wish LVC were a whole hell of a lot closer...and that Colorado were also a lot closer *wink*

Nothing else to really update on, so I'm just gonna go be lazy until Ian gets here =P

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[Friday, August 12th, 2005
@ 8:33am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Not many of you are gonna understand this, but dreamingtree.org is my new best friend! I just downloaded the entire Randall's Island concert that I went to =D It is sooooo cool to be able to listen to a concert that you went to over and over and over again *hehe*

Especially since the concert was amaaazing! Well, minus the first 2 songs during which we were being pushed and shoved and stampeded up against...I also got a lot of beer spilled on me. See, we were in a preferred section on the lawn for Warehouse members (the band's official fanclub). Me, Manda, Steph, and Kat had those tickets. So we ended up being like the 2nd or 3rd standing row of the lawn section with a pretty perfect view of the stage. Well the section was a roped off section for most of the day. But during the intermission between the Black Eyed Peas (which were also great!) and Dave and the rest of the band coming on they took the ropes down. Of course this led to a major stampede of sorts. I'm just really happy the 2 couples in front of me were so understanding. They were also a lot of fun to talk with =) So after 2 songs of being pushed and shoved we decided to leave the preferred section and headed farther back. I could still see the stage if I got on my tip toes and the screens were still in view, so it was still amamzing! They played so many of my old favorites and my absolute favorite off their new album! By far definitely the best concert for me to date! =D

Dream Girl *Such a great song off an another great album!
Smooth Rider
When The World Ends
You Never Know
Too Much *I got to hear Dave swear *wink*
Lover Lay Down
What Would You Say
Hunger For The Great Light *My absolute favorite off of "Stand Up"! And how amaaazing it was live!!!
Ants Marching *I finally got to hear it live!!!
#34 *A definite new favorite from their old stuff!
Stand Up
All Along The Watchtower *Always a joy to hear live =)

Rhyme & Reason *Just an all around amazing song =)
Two Step *What a way to end the concert!

I got a t-shirt that was made just for the Island Getaway and a poster that only had limited amounts made. And I have another pretty Warehouse ticket (and a wrist bracelet) on my wall =)

That's pretty much all the excitement I've had all summer *lol* I feel like I live at Wal*Mart! But I definitely do love (most of) the people I work with =) Ian and I are "dating" again which I actually couldn't be happier with! It's been really nice to find out that I really don't need to be around him *all* the time. And I hope he's noticing that I don't need that anymore, especially since that was a major issue for him. We do hang out a lot though, and the other week he took off from work and basically lived here all week. Let me just tell you how nice that was *wink* So things are definitely looking up in that department =D

I can't believe school starts in like 3 weeks! I am sooooo not ready to go back. It especially feels really weird to me since I've already graduated...especially since I'm not going to be doing graduate studies... Oh well, I'm definitely getting excited about the whole MLT program and working in a hospital though =) And it will definitely allow me and Ian to get to still spend time with each other and continue to work things out...

Mom had surgery on her shoulder Wednesday morning... She tore her rotator cuff in her right shoulder last year (it just happened to snap while playing badmitton with me... *sigh*) She's doing well though! Spent almost the entire day over there yesterday. It was great to see Martha too - it'd been waaaaay too long!

Nothing else really going on, so I'm gonna get back to my book and listen to this concert again *hehe*
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Sorry this isn't a real update... [Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
@ 7:53pm]
[ mood | content ]

Your Musical Tastes Match: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

See his whole playlist here (iTunes required)

I just had to post this since Jr. is my favorite nascar driver =)

Anyway, off to watch Because of Winn Dixie and wait for a call from Ian =)
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It's been a while... [Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
@ 5:00pm]
[ mood | silly ]

An advanced warning - this could potentially be a very long entry...

Decided to change the colors a bit... Now that it's a little brighter it feels happier somehow... And we all know I could really use some happiness right now *sigh*

Just got back from a doctor's appointment in Scarborough. My A1c (average blood sugar) is up a little since last time, but Dr. Devlin was still happy with all the progress I've made =) And there's going to be no more going to Scarborough to see him - finally! He comes to a clinic in Augusta once a month, so I can go to Augusta instead of traveling an hour and a half or so... Very exciting (can you tell that I lead a pretty boring life right now since that excites me *hehe*)

I got a really bad sunburn on my left arm while driving to and from the appointment though. The a/c doesn't work in my car real well so I always drive with my window open in the summer. About half way down I realized that I probably should have put some sunblock on. So now I have a really bad burn on just my left arm. And it really hurts - even with aloe on it... I was thinking I should go at least tan just my right arm so I don't have this really weird tan all summer *hehe*

Work is going pretty well... I really do like working in the electronics department =) Everyone has been really nice so far, even Steve - who I really didn't like at first. Mike is about the only one that I really don't like working with though... He's way too quiet for me and he's a little...odd... Management is successfully screwing the department over though. They moved Sam up front to be a cashier, so she's probably going to quit if everything didn't get fixed in that meeting yesterday. And Dana, who doesn't need the money from the job just the insurance, is being hasseled about his scedule. He works Mon-Fri and there has never been a problem before, but now that Todd is the one over our department somehow nothing works anymore... I'm really gonna miss working with Sam and what they're doing to Dana is just crazy!!

I'm gonna be on the closing shift in a couple of weeks... Not too excited about that =/ I'd much rather work a morning shift... Maybe with Sam going up front things will get moved around enough that I will be able to pick up like the 10-7 shift... We'll see...

My grandmother has been in the hospital. She had a really bad case of pneumonia. They drained over a liter of fluid from her right lung Monday! She's much better now though and is finally out of the critical care unit. They were saying that she was going to have to switch hospitals so she could go through rehab stuff, but they think she's strong enough to go right home now =) My unlce Jim is coming up to help take care of her since Mom and Linda are going camping and then to Ellsworth in the coming weeks... I'm just really happy that she's getting better! I wasn't ready to lose another grandparent yet... Especially not after losing my pseudo grandfather in May (Ian's grandfather).

Things with Ian are...well, at a standstill of sorts. We went to the fireworks in Belgrade Lakes together on the 4th and he came over here last Friday night... Those two nights were a lot of fun. In a lot of ways it was like we weren't really broken up (or whatever it is that we are). I sat on his lap at the fireworks and we had a tickle fight when he was over here... There's definitely still something there...and not just on my part... We just haven't really talked all that much... He rarely returns phone calls - not that he ever did =P It's hard to give him space, but it's getting easier. I'm finally starting to sleep better at night and the crying fits happen much less now. I miss him soooo much though! Guess I'll just have to wait and see where it all goes...

The only issue I really have is that I really don't know how to be single anymore! It's been sooooooo long since I haven't been with someone... That's what is really making this so hard I think. Which also makes me wonder still if I really miss Ian or if I miss the thought of a boyfriend... The times we have gotten together or talked make me feel like it really is him I miss... This whole thing is just so confusing *sigh*

Went to NH to see Kaki a few weekends ago. Man do I miss her!! She got tickets to a Switchfoot concert as a birthday present to me =D It was sooooo nice to go down and visit, but to see Switchfoot just made it even better!! I've got to get down there again when I can spend more than just a day and half... Have to have her up here sometime too =) We need to get together so we can venture to Bar Harbor to see Luna too *wink*

I've officially been accepted into the medical laboratory technology program at UMA =) Now all I'm waiting for is my financial aid packet...not that I expect to get any with all my stuff getting done so late... Oh well, what's more student loans on top of $25,000 already??

18 more days until DMB in NYC!! =D I'm soooooo excited! Manda and I are gonna get up early the day of the concert and go run around the city for a while since she's never been there =) I can't wait!! The trips to see DMB are always an amazing time =D Especially with my best bud at my side *wink*

Well that's enough for now... I'll be surprised if anyone reads this whole entry anyway =P

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[Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
@ 4:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Working for 8 hours on your feet totally sucks! Especially at Wal*Mart of all places. (And might I add that the other new guy in the department doesn't have a freaking clue about anything that has to do with electronics in any way *grrrr*) I don't think I've ever hurt as much as I do right now =/ Which is exactly why I am going to be lazy and nap and watch movies for the rest of the day *hehe* And yay - I get to sleep in tomorrow =D

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